Top tips for a Luxe Headshot:

  • Dress in solid colours, strong patterns can become quickly dated and distracting
  • Avoid anything too revealing, keep it classy and corporate
  • A lighter coloured top with a darker tailored blazer always looks flattering
  • The idea is to wear a classic and timeless look so you can use this image for several years if you’d like to
  • If you have brand colours for your company, it always looks great in photos to wear an element of your look in a matching shade. (E.g. A yellow tie, a turquoise shirt, or even red lipstick! )
  • Wear something that’s more relaxed if that suits your business better. 
  • Bring a few options to the shoot - it’s better to have too much than not enough


  • Wash your face before the shoot, or use some translucent powder to minimise shine (we will have some available at the shoot)
  • If wearing a tie, choose a mid to dark tone, without any busy patterns 
  • Feel free to accessorise with a pocket square, or other details


  • Wear your normal day-to-day makeup, nothing too heavy
  • A scoop or v-neck is most flattering for your top / dress. Too high-or low-cut doesn’t usually look great
  • Keep jewellery simple

Extra hints:

  • If you already know your ‘good side’ feel free to let us know!
  • Get a good night’s sleep and drink LOTS of water in the 24hrs leading up to the shoot
  • Smile and relax! We will pose and direct you to make you look the most flattering. It’s not your job to be photogenic, its our job to make you look great, and you’re in good hands with Luxe ♡

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